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Humor makes Kmart relevant again April 29, 2013

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Kmart has fallen well behind its competition over the years. The brick and mortar stores are nowhere close to as trendy as Target, and not nearly as expansive as Walmart. That said, the company is trying its best to become relevant again. In a new advertisement taking the internet by storm, Kmart is telling consumers that they can “ship their pants” with the store. In the ad, one consumer shouts “Ship my pants? Right here?” Another stated, “I just shipped my pants, and it’s very convenient.” The juvenile humor goes on and on. The spot was an instant hit, garnering over 8 million views in just a week.

While the Kmart ad is funny, some critics are saying that it is still risky. While the ad is successfully informing consumers that Kmart has moved online as well, it is also “[steering] shoppers away from Kmart’s hopeless, poorly stocked physical stores.” And according to Time‘s Josh Sanburn, the strategy isn’t enough. Sanburn argued, “For Kmart to become truly competitive again, it’s going to take more than an ad centered around a poop joke, no matter how funny the poop joke is.”

To see the ad yourself, watch the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  How does humor in advertisements work to win over consumers?

2.  How is Kmart’s humor in the ad above a double-edged sword?



1. charlottecarrendar - April 29, 2013

I agree…this ad has to be one of the most clever they have done in years.

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