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Teen pregnancy prevention campaign shocks with images of “expecting’ boys June 26, 2013

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The Chicago Department of Public Health wanted to do something drastic to force parents to talk with their children about sex, while simultaneously spreading the message that sexual responsibility should be shared by girls and boys alike. The campaign they designed succeeded in shocking audiences. Several of the organization’s ads featured shirtless pregnant boys with giant stomachs. The tagline for each ad was “Unexpected? Most teen pregnancies are.”

The ads have been praised for their effectiveness. According to Chicago Health Commissioner Dr. Bechara Choucair, ““We wanted this campaign, those images, to spark conversation, and that’s exactly what we’re getting.” The co-hosts of the view agreed. Sherri Shepherd stated, “I think it’s a tough sell to get young men to realize that just because you’re not pregnant for nine months, it still affects you.” Elisabeth Hasselbeck added, “It’s a smart campaign. It makes you stop in your tracks.”

To see some of the ads yourself, watch the following videos:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why do some advertisements seek to shock audiences?

2.  What are the drawbacks to this “shocking” strategy?

3.  How do we know PR campaigns work? How has the Chicago Department of Public Health justified similar campaigns from the past?



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