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Anthony done in New York mayor’s race? Weiner sex scandal returns July 24, 2013

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Former United States Congressman Anthony Weiner became a punching bag for the news media after getting involved in a serious sex scandal in 2011. It was revealed then that Weiner had contacted several women through social media to develop online relationships. In some cases he even sent inappropriate pictures. In one case he contacted a complete stranger; that person later broke the story. Weiner, who was married, was forced to resign from Congress, and patch things up with his wife, family, and friends. But as of May 2013 Weiner had returned to politics as a candidate for mayor in New York City. The sex scandal that ruined his life, though, would not disappear.

Anthony Weiner addressed the news media with an apology yet again, after it was revealed by gossip site “The Dirty” recently that he had carried on other online relationships with women, even after his embarrassing resignation. Weiner admitted this much in his apology and appeared alongside his wife, a former top adviser to Hillary Clinton, who expressed forgiveness and support for her husband. The democratic primary for the mayor’s race is just a few months away, and Weiner is presently in a virtual tie.

Despite the new scandal, Weiner is saying that he won’t drop out of the race. Will he have a choice, though? According to Goerge Arzt, a political consultant to Democrats, the scandal could be too much for voters who just got around to giving him a second chance. Arzt claimed, “There is a cumulative impact for the public. They’re willing to give anyone a second chance, and then they see the repetitive nature of his misdeeds, and they say, nah, I just can’t.”

For more on Weiner’s latest apology, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Should the private lives of politicians matter in elections? Why, or why not?

2.  Can Weiner survive a second scandal, and revelations that he continued his embarrassing ways? If so, what does he need to do? If not, then why not?



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