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Scary good: Monsters U mock website blows away viewers July 29, 2013

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It is one of the biggest blockbusters for kids this year, but Monsters University is also blowing away adults. Part of the creative PR campaign for the film, Disney released a rather realistic website for the actual Monsters University (err…but still pretend). Eric Hoover for The Chronicle of Higher Education called the site “scary good,” noting that it conveys warmth and introduces potential students to the best and most personal parts of the school. While Hoover interviewed one expert who suggested the website falls short for not having enough information on costs, Disney can’t really be faulted for that.

Could the site be any cooler? Disney thought so. Ahead of its June 21 debut, Disney changed the website for April Fools’ Day, and made it look like a prank orchestrated by MU’s rival, Fear Tech. Visitors to the website were made to believe it had been hacked, featuring FT’s logo and mascot.

To see a promotional film for MU, and a trailer for Monsters University, watch the following videos:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What is the key to creative PR campaigns? What are the characteristics of recent campaigns that have caught your attention?

2.  What are the characteristics of bad PR campaigns?

3.  After checking out MU’s website, why do you think this PR stunt works so well?



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