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Keeping up the fight: Coke’s new “Grandfather” ad ties product to good health (sort of) August 24, 2013

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Coca Cola has a new ad out called “Grandfather” which presents the average day in the life of two men – one from decades ago, and the other from modern times. With the split screen rolling, viewers see the life of a 1950’s man as healthier, slower, and more social, while the modern man is constantly rushing and stuffing his face. When the two men come together at the end, revealed to be grandfather and grandson, the premise is obvious: soda can be healthy if one lives a healthy life (just like grandpa).

The ad is a part of a larger campaign to defend Coca Cola’s products against government regulation and consumer backlash targeting food products linked to obesity. With sugary sodas linked especially to diabetes, Coke is trying to protect its image by blaming people rather than products. Nostalgia clearly helps in this battle.

See the ad yourself in the video below:

Discussion Questions:

1.  How has Coke’s image been hurt by growing concerns about obesity?

2.  What is Coke’s basic argument in this ad? Do you agree with it? Is it reasonable?



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