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Chipotle strikes a second time: New ad amazes audiences September 16, 2013

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Chipotle has typically made news for its lack of advertising. The company’s chief marketing officer Mark Crumpacker once told Ad Age that the company didn’t want to advertise in traditional media because “Once you get on that model, I think it’s very, very hard to get off.” Resorting mainly to “word-of-mouth publicity,” Chipotle spends a miniscule amount on advertising. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t advertise.

Chipotle recently released its second big video ad. Titled “Scarecrow,” the animated ad depicts a scary, unfriendly industrial food factory and a lonely scarecrow who works there. Eventually growing tired of the dystopian nature of the food processing plant, the main character decides to open his own restaurant featuring fresh ingredients from local farms with humane methods of raising animals. It’s an astonishingly emotional video that’s bound to go super viral and build strong affections for Chipotle. With a video game featured in the new campaign, fans can also help the Scarecrow accomplish his (and Chipotle’s) mission of taking a stand against highly processed foods. In playing the game, the gamers are clearly invited to take a stand, too.

For more on “Scarecrow,” see the following videos:

Discussion Questions:

1.  How does Chipotle manage to succeed without running traditional advertising like its competitors?

2.  Why might some argue that Chipotle’s alternative advertising technique of releasing videos almost exclusively online is a better model?

3.  Why does “Scarecrow” work as an ad? What makes it so appealing?



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