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Legalized, but gagged: Marijuana marketers struggle to sell product October 7, 2013

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With Colorado and Washington states legalizing recreational marijuana in 2012, many might have suspected that pot would flood the streets. Far from it, though. Marketers for the industry are claiming that the media industry and federal government is censoring pot. For instance, Google isn’t allowing ads for the product, newspaper publishers taking the same approach, and billboard operators are denying producers space as well. Ad agencies, moreover, are being told they could be charged with abetting a criminal conspiracy if they help distribute narcotics through ads.

And the matter keeps getting worse. New retail marijuana rules in Colorado are restricting ads by prohibiting their appearance on TV, billboards, radio, and print whenever they could be viewed by minors. Moreover, when not blockable, such ads are prohibited from internet videos, radio, and podcasts. Several other rules apply, all to shelter minors from the content.

For more on this issue, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Should pro-pot ads generally be banned from minors?

2.  Should pot ads be treated any differently than alcohol ads?

3.  How important is marketing for business success? Can pot providers really make it without ads?



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