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Academia.edu sets out to empower scholars of all types November 28, 2013

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Richard Price created social networking site Academia.edu with a pretty simple goal in mind: change the way academic research is distributed and validated by allowing papers to be published freely online. While Academia.edu took a few years to get popular, it now supposedly has over 4 million users, representing about a quarter of all academics in the world. More importantly, many of those users post their research and update others on the progress of their latest projects. Price received $11.1 million in capital from Khosla Ventures recently, and speaks frequently about how social networking creates opportunities for brilliant minds to connect especially when there is an exchange of free information.

Scholars are noticing that Academia.edu provides them the opportunity to raise their profile, and Richard Price is noticing that his repository of papers is steadily growing. The downside at the moment, though, is that Academia.edu lacks a business model. For Price, that’s okay, since he believes it will take a long time to rival the publishers who control academia.

For more on Academia.edu, see the following videos:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What is Academia.edu? How does it compare with other social networking sites? How does it differ?

2.  What are the challenges facing Academic.edu?

3.  How could Academia.edu hurt traditional publishers?



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