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The amazing ad blitz for Anchorman 2 December 30, 2013

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Anchorman 2 has been rolled out with an advertising campaign rarely seen in the marketing world. Will Ferrell, the actor who plays the misogynistic news anchor, kicked off the campaign with an announcement in early 2013 on Conan O’Brien’s night show, that a sequel was in the works. As NPR described recently, the official blitz has featured a Ben & Jerry’s flavor, an exhibit at the national Newseum, several car commercials, an event at Emerson College marking the school’s renaming its communication department after the character for a day, and appearances on news programs across the country.

Why the massive ad blitz? As the Christian Science Monitor‘s Schuyler Velasco explained, the film’s target demographic is younger males. Because such young audiences don’t watch programming where traditional advertising works best, the alternative is to generate buzz that will make certain ads and appearances go viral. It’s little surprise that someone as skilled as Ferrell could help pull this off.

For more on Ferrell’s many appearances for Anchorman 2‘s marketing, see the following videos:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Which of Ferrell’s latest appearances for Anchorman 2  have you heard about?

2.  How does the ad campaign described here differ from traditional ad campaigns? Why is it employed?

3.  How has media demassification led to a need for more creative ad campaigns?



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