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Chipotle gears up for new “Farmed and Dangerous” campaign February 15, 2014

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Chipotle is notable among fast-food chains for not spending so much on advertising campaigns. But when it does, the ads go viral. Chipotle is experimenting with a new creative format for a campaign called “Farmed and Dangerous.” The campaign is a four-part comedy series that’s going to be available on Hulu. Chipotle’s brand will not be featured much in the spots, focusing instead on the comedy of industrial-scale farming. Actor Ray Wise stars in the 30 minute episodes.

According to Adam Cohen of The New York Times, the Chipotle campaign is interesting because it blends advertising and entertainment in a high-cost production. Moreover, Cohen added, the strategy preaches the gospel of sustainability rather than resorting to traditional ad techniques.

For a preview of the new ad campaign by Chipotle, watch the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What is native advertising? How does “Farmed and Dangerous” qualify, if at all, as this new genre of advertising?

2.  How does the particular strategy used by Chipotle reach new audiences?

3.  Are there ethical concerns about this form of advertising?



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