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#SexMyths PSA blows up teens’ rumors about getting it on February 15, 2014

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How do public health organization dispel teens’ rumors about sex? A new PSA campaign by United Way of Greater Milwaukee is making great strides in its new #SexMyths ads. Each video starts with a teen talking about some popular sex myth, like “If you do jumping jacks after you have sex you can’t get pregnant.” Viewers of the videos are asked whether the statement is true or false, they get the answer after they click, and then they are given more rumors to address. The ads eventually encourage viewers to go to getthesexfacts.com, where adults are encouraged to read about what they’re kids are saying about sex. So far, the campaign is mainly limited to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and at bus shelters.

Notably, experts are saying the campaign is pretty successful. Whereas there were 52 births per 1,000 females ages 15-17 in the city in 2006, the group sees trends reducing that to 30 per 1,000 by 2015 – a 46 percent decline if all works out.

Test your knowledge of #SexMyths by watching the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  How does the Milwaukee campaign exhibit the qualities of a viral campaign?

2.  How does the #SexMyths campaign clearly target a specific demographic?

3.  How would one measure the influence of such a campaign?



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